Napa Valley

From the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains

On the slopes of the Mayacamas, lakes and trees form an idyllic landscape where the vine has reigned for more than a century.

With a love for nature and expressive wines, Florence and Daniel Cathiard bring their vision to write a new chapter for this family vineyard.

Legacy and Land

A great wine, like art, must leave a trace, sometimes indelible, sometimes fleeting…
It relies on the working hands of men and women, but perhaps more so on the terroir from which it is born.

Up & Down Cathiard Vineyard
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Cathiard Vineyard is a sanctuary of rest, beauty and harmony. It is a place of shared experience surrounded by craftsmanship and passion.


Cathiard Vineyard. Founding Brothers. Hora.

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Cathiard Vineyard

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